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IAHSP® was founded in 1999 and to date has the largest global membership in the Home Staging industry.  IAHSP® is focused on helping guide the industry and members with Education standards, Excellence goals, and Ethics guidelines to which all members adhere.  All members of the Ownership and Leadership team own and operate successful Staging businesses as they believe you cannot teach what you do not know. Their businesses rank in the top 5% of all Staging businesses in the world based on longevity and volume. When evaluating an association, it is important to ask, “Who is at the helm of leadership? Do they actually know what it takes to succeed because they have personally experienced it by building a successful business?” You can be assured that IAHSP® Owners and Leaders are all successful business owners in the industry they support.

IAHSP® is focused on education and its members must have earned one of the approved industry designations in order to be approved to join IAHSP®.  The Leadership Team below reflects the present and future of IAHSP® as we continue the original mission established in 1999 to bring Home Staging to the global real estate market by helping homeowners everywhere achieve their goals.



Jennie has been professionally Staging since 2002. To date she and her team have Staged over 4,300 properties and over $3 Billion in real estate. In 2003, Jennie served as a Business Coach for industry colleagues and moved into a role as a Certified ASP® Course Trainer with Stagedhomes.com. She has presented Home Staging training courses to Realtors and Stagers throughout North America, teaching thousands of students about the importance of Staging as a real estate tool and how to succeed in business. She is a Master ASP® Stager, and has been personally trained by Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging® and Founder of IAHSP®. In 2003, Jennie was elected Vice President of IAHSP® International, and through the years has served as President, Ethics, and Co-Conference Director before moving into her current role of IAHSP® Chairwoman. Jennie is the only 2-Time recipient of the Barb Schwarz Staging Award of Excellence and the IAHSP® Spirit Award as voted on by peers in the industry. In 2003, Jennie started the very first home staging chapter ever in the industry, and through IAHSP® helped establish dozens of regional chapters throughout the US and Canada.

In June 2016, Jennie and her husband, John became the new owners and leaders of IAHSP® International and Stagedhomes.com. In her current role as IAHSP® International Chairwoman, Jennie and her team are focused on advancing the profession of Home Staging around the globe. The IAHSP Leadership Team plans and hosts the annual IAHSP Conference & EXPO, bringing quality speakers and business topics to attendees, while also providing a forum for attendees to learn and meet colleagues from around the world. Under her leadership, IAHSP has expanded globally to now include our sister association, IAHSP-Europe, and other Home Staging Associations serving countries throughout Europe and Asia, that have the same standards of Education, Excellence and Ethics to be part of our growing industry Affiliate Association network. Under her leadership, in June 2016, IAHSP® became an open association, allowing industry professionals who have earned approved credentials to join. Jennie reviews and accepts all educational courses approved by IAHSP International. She is the host of the weekly Home Staging Talk Show Live with the goal of reaching a wide audience throughout the world to share about Home Staging. Jennie is the co-author of “Marketing Made Simple for Home Staging Business Owners” as her goal is to ensure all those with the desire to succeed are equipped with the knowledge and resources to achieve their goals. She is a frequent blogger, social media expert and marketing guru with a heart for helping others achieve their goals.

Jennie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology-Biology from UCLA where she met her husband, John. They have four children and reside in Littleton, Colorado near Denver.

IAHSP® Treasurer

John is a licensed REALTOR® and business professional.  He started his career in business selling high-tech solutions to Fortune 500 Companies and was consistently ranked in the top 10% of sales executives for the companies where he worked.  In 2006, John left the corporate world and entered the real estate industry as a listing specialist. His knowledge of Home Staging as a key listing and marketing tool helped him gain business and earn the rank and recognition of top 10% of real estate sales in the market he served.  His prowess at negotiating for his clients earned him the nickname, “The Negotiator,” and his statistics prove his strategy for doing more up front for his clients’ properties to help market and promote his listings helped him become a top producer.

As the owner of IAHSP® International, John helps provide leadership and guidance to the IAHSP® Association with his insight in the real estate industry, and business in general.  His goal is to help expand the reach of IAHSP® around the globe and provide members with resources to help them succeed long term.

John has a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Business from UCLA.  He and Jennie have 4 children and reside in Littleton, CO near Denver.

Co-Conference Director

Lyn Spaeth has been in the real estate business for 14 years as a professional Home Stager and owner of Transformations, a full service Staging and Organizing company serving the Boston area. Lyn has built and remodeled many properties and enjoys all things real estate. As a lover of good home design, Lyn was drawn to creating beautiful spaces in the residential marketplace.  Lyn gains great satisfaction creating beautiful homes for her clients, and this progression led her to starting Transformations. Due to her success and ease with clients, her design business grew into helping those same clients move into new properties, and other clients refresh their current living spaces. Lyn is proficient in managing space and is expert on de-cluttering strategies.  She knows that using one service provider for de-cluttering, Staging, move management and setting up a new home provides a sense of security; especially for her elder clients and their children.

Lyn earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, with a Minor in Training and Professional Development from Emerson College. Prior to starting her Staging business, Lyn was a corporate Account Executive at Communications Management International and Digital Equipment Corporation.  In those roles, Lyn sold and developed marketing tools. Lyn had great success meeting her clients goals, and increasing their profit.

As part of the Leadership Team for IAHSP®, Lyn currently helps plan and execute the annual Home Staging Conference as Co-Conference Director, as well as provides leadership, guidance and insight for the mission and vision for IAHSP® International.

President Elect

Bette Vos-Fant left a successful 27-year career in the corporate world of telecommunications in sales and marketing to become an ASP® Stager. Bette gained valuable knowledge working in the corporate environment first as a National Accounts Representative, then Sales Manager and eventually a Sales Trainer. With Bette’s Master’s Degree in Education, she has found her passion for educating and training. Bette says “I believe education and passion are paramount to a successful business and in life itself”. Bette received her undergraduate degree from Louisiana Tech University and her Master’s from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Bette is one of only several hundred Accredited Staging Professional Masters® (ASPM®) in the world and to date has staged over 2000 properties. Bette launched her home staging business in 2004 in Dallas, TX and was one of the first successful home stagers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. In 2005, Bette became the Founder and President of the Dallas IAHSP chapter. She has also held several different roles on the International Board, including Director of Operations, Director of Ambassadors, and currently serves on the Board as Secretary of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®).

After leaving Dallas, Bette moved to Illinois and once again launch her staging business. Never one to stay “just because I have to”, Bette decided to move back to the Birmingham, AL area and continues working with realtors and homeowners there today.

As part of the Leadership Team for IAHSP®, Bette serves as the current IAHSP® International President-Elect, as well as provides leadership, guidance and insight for the mission and vision for IAHSP® International.

IAHSP® Director of Affiliates and Vendors

Sandra Holmes is Accredited Staging Professional Master® (ASPM®) and the President of Home Staging Concepts, the Premiere Home Staging Company in South Florida.  Sandra and her team have staged over $1 Billion dollars in real estate since she created her business in 2005. She continues her education in real estate and in the staging industry to keep current with the trends of today’s market. She has held other board positions within IAHSP for several years.  She was also the Founder of the South Florida International Association of Home Staging Professionals Chapter and has held various board positions. Sandra believes that continuing education is the key to success in the staging industry. Sandra’s philosophy is that together we can do more!

Sandra has earned several designations over the years as an ASPM® such as the ASP-SRS™ (Accredited Staging Professional – Senior Relocation Specialist) ASP REO™ (Accredited Staging Professional – Real Estate Owned) ASP BTS™ (Accredited Staging Professional Buyer Trend Specialist) in which she taught at IAHSP Convention as she is a recognized expert on how to stage vacant properties and to appeal to the buyer in a particular location. In 2014, She also received the Barb Schwarz Staging Excellence Award.  Sandra became a Certified ASP® Trainer for Stagedhomes.com in 2014 and her passion is to teach new students about how to run and operate a home staging business and become outstanding Accredited Staging Professionals.

As part of the Leadership Team for IAHSP®, Sandra serves as the current IAHSP® International Director of Vendor Relations and serves as Director of Fundraising for Worldwide Staging Service Week®, as well as provides leadership, guidance and insight for the mission and vision for IAHSP® International.

IAHSP® Board Members

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