IAHSP® EUROPE is IAHSP® International’s sister Association, founded in 2018 with the aim to bring together European Home Staging Professionals.

The International Association of Home Staging Professionals IAHSP® is dedicated to advancing the education of professional Home Stagers

and Real Estate Agents as they prepare homes for sale.

IAHSP® – EU Board


Sanja is an Accredited Staging Professional Master® – ASPM®, an Interior Designer and the founder of The Art of Staging.

She has launched her staging business in 2013 in Chicago, Illinois and has moved to Rome, Italy in 2016 where she currently lives and works.

Sanja is a certified ASP® Trainer for StagedHomes.com and she also serves the IAHSP® board as the European Director.

Her contribution was fundamental in the global expansion of IAHSP®, in founding the sister association, IAHSP® EUROPE, as well as in growing the industry International Affiliate Association network.

Her primary commitment as the President of IAHSP® EUROPE is to obtain the deserved credibility and adequate recognition of our profession on the Old Continent.


Paloma Harrington-Griffin is an ASP® Accredited Home Staging Professional, Home Staging and Interior Styling Expert and Luxury Staging Specialist.

She started her own Home Staging business in London in 2017 and shortly after founded the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland in 2018.

Paloma also runs her Home Staging businesses in Brazil, being the Co-Founder of the Brazilian Home Staging School Núcleo de Home Staging as well as the IAHSP® Chapter President for the country.

An entrepreneur at heart, having started businesses since the early 2000’s, Paloma believes in empowering people through knowledge, education and support. Her focus is to develop further how the Association can support its members whilst promoting Home Staging and getting more recognition to our activity and professionals.


Verena Mumford-Wolfensberger is an Accredited Staging Professional Master®, ASPM® and has been staging properties in Switzerland for 10 years.

She is a remote member of the Minnesota and Boston IAHSP Chapters and continues her education in Home Staging through IAHSP Conferences and IAHSP Webinars.

Verena is Co-Founder of the Swiss National Home Staging Association, HSVS, of which she is currently also the president and is dedicated to promote Home Staging throughout Europe.

Verena holds degrees in librarianship, translation and interior design and was working in real estate when she discovered that Home Staging existed. After a few years staging her office’s properties, she decided to exclusively work in Home Staging in 2013. Since then, she has built up her company, MW Home Staging, which is located outside Zurich and works mostly in German-speaking Switzerland.

Verena is also co-owner of the newly founded Home Staging Company 3CB in Billings, Montana.

IAHSP®️Europe Regional Managers

Claire de Chambure
Claire de ChambureIAHSP®️Europe Regional Manager France

During a trip to the US, Claire discovered Home Staging. Passionate about home decorating and renovation, she loved the idea and trained with Barbara Schwarz in 2009.

Claire certified her expertise on the French market and opened her own company in 2010. She sees each house as a new, unique challenge and enjoys a good transformation that shows a property’s strongest assets.

Claire joins the IAHSP®EU as the Regional Manager for France and will work to support French professionals as well as to raise the profile of Home Staging in the country.

Francesca Greco
Francesca GrecoIAHSP®️Europe Regional Manager Italy

Francesca, after her studies in law, has dedicated herself to real estate in Milan since 2005, with particular attention to the presentation of the property in the management of her agency.

Aware of the high value of the presentation of houses on the real estate market, she developed within her agency a section dedicated to home staging, after accurate personal studies that qualify her as a professional home stager and interior photographer, as early as 2014.

In 2015 she created HOME | Philosophy, a brand meant to identify her agency, the first one in Italy, specialized in home staging, an absolute novelty on the whole national territory.

HOME | Philosophy also has a section dedicated to training in the field of home staging, through its Academy and whose home staging course is accredited and recognized by IAHSP and IAHSP Europe.

Monica Blanco
Monica BlancoIAHSP®️Europe Regional Manager Spain

Mónica is an Accredited Staging Professional – ASP and a Interior Designer graduated in LDSBC in SLC, UT in 2008 and the founder of Mogo Design.

She worked in SLC for several years as an Interior Designer and the she and her little family moved to  Madrid, Spain, where she has started her staging business in 2015, while her family started to grow.

Mónica found the home staging industry by trying to find herself a place to live and noticed about the need of staging.

Mónica is actually the Vice-president in the AHSE, Asociación Home Staging España, where she has been a member since 2017 and get to know the  IAHSP  through the AHSE and immediately she became a member of the IAHSP and she has been a member since 2018.

Her wish as Regional Manager in Spain is to serve the IASHP members and help them to obtain the deserved credibility and adequate recognition of our profession in Spain.

Patrizia Panza
Patrizia PanzaWWSSW Coordinator

Patrizia Panza is the owner and founder of Poetical Living lnterior Design Studio in Rome. After her studies in architecture, interior design and acting she discovered the magical potential of Home Staging. She and her team, offer projects of interior design and vacant home staging. She is teaching history and critics of design for interiors at Master and Professional classes in Rome at QIAD. As Junior Architect and Interior Designer she believes in the strength of home staging to empower the reputation of the Real Estate market in Italy. Poetical Living is not only a brand, it is a way of giving sense to the existence. Her mission is to allow people to make this experience in their home by tasting the lightness of life.

Roberta Sbarbaro
Roberta SbarbaroPartnership Coordinator

Hello, I am Roberta Sbarbaro.

I am a certified Home Stager and Interior Designer (IED Milan – Istituto Europeo di Design).

I have a solid fashion and events professional background.

Home Staging made my love for beauty and aesthetic taste, concrete.

After having been passionately working for some years as a Stager, I have then specialized in short-term rental and Expats.

I am the co-founder of Progetti in Vista. We deal with valorisation: in properties, interior projects, and training.

We want to thank our former IAHSP®EU Team members: Donia Prengemann – IAHSP®EU Board Member/Web Consultant & Brand Manager, Javier Suárez – Regional Manager Spain, for the effort and extra time, having done a great job by contributing with their talents and skills to the team, serving the new raising Europe Home Staging Industry.

IAHSP® – Serving the Home Staging Industry since 1999