Who is eligible to register for membership in IAHSP® EUROPE?2018-11-30T15:41:12+01:00
  1. Eligible for membership are those professionals who belong to one or more Associations that are recognized and affiliated by IAHSP® and/or by IAHSP® Europe.
  2. Eligible for membership are those professionals who have received professional education from an IAHSP® and/or IAHSP® Europe recognized and approved Course. The applicants will be asked to submit a certificate or a diploma, as proof of the course completion.
  3. Eligible for membership are those professionals who practice their profession in a European country where there is no local/national Association or there is but it is not an IAHSP® and/or  IAHSP® Europe affiliate. All applications are reviewed, accepted or denied by the President or Vice President of IAHSP® Europe.
Is my membership individual or does it apply to my business name?2019-02-18T10:40:59+01:00

Membership in IAHSP® EUROPE and in IAHSP® applies always to the singular individual person and never to a specific company name.

How do I register for membership in IAHSP® EUROPE?2019-05-02T11:24:43+02:00

To register for membership in IAHSP® EUROPE you have to apply here. Your application will be reviewed in order to verify your eligibility to join. Once the screening process is done, you will be invited to pay your yearly dues.

What is the yearly membership fee?2019-05-02T11:23:06+02:00

The yearly membership fee is one hundred and fifty  Euro/Year. It has a 365 days validity starting from the registration day.

How do I make the payment?2019-05-02T11:22:13+02:00

There are two methods of payment. You can pay by credit card or you may decide to wire transfer the amount.

When I register for membership in IAHSP® EU, do I have to make a separate registration for IAHSP® INTERNATIONAL as well?2019-02-18T10:45:13+01:00

No. When you register for membership in IAHSP® EUROPE you are automatically granted access to IAHSP®.

What are the benefits of being an IAHSP® EU member?2019-05-02T11:17:45+02:00

Belong to a prestigious group of world-class Home Staging Professionals

Free Ongoing Education
Use of the IAHSP® logo for your own promotional purposes
Possibility to join the IAHSP® Chapters as a remote member
Participation in the WWSSW® project
Access to Monthly Newsletter
IAHSP® Leadership monthly calls
Preferred pricing from IAHSP® and IAHSP® EUROPE suppliers/partners
Attend the IAHSP® Conferences & EXPO & the IAHSP® European Conferences
Network at a global level
Access to various closed groups on FB
Access to Forum & Networking platform
Profile on the iahspeurope.com website
Mentoring Program

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