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CREATIVESPACE  stems from the unexpected meeting of two halves of the  same brain.

After various experiences, each in his part  of the hemisphere, one creative and the other devoted to marketing  … here they are, in the same space,  each with their own glasses and their luggage,  ready to look in the same direction. … easy to say wallpaper … CREATIVESPACE reinterprets the emotions photographic mural dresses.

It’s an ambitious project, the tailoring is applied to the design and production of decorative graphics without limitations. No longer the same repeating pattern,  but the perfect reproduction of images of unlimited size, able to create a unique experience on the entire wall surface. A continuous experimentation in a location that is close to art as a universal meeting between past and present,  able to follow the rapid pace of the design world. Practicality is considered for a Wallpaper of the major basic instincts, tailored panels are easy to install and remove without leaving a trail ready to live another life.

The prints are made with environmentally friendly inks on innovative materials tested to resist wear, and be experienced daily, washable, impact resistant and flame retardant. CREATIVESPACE  translates literally “creative space” and it is in this space that we propose housing solutions that can enhance and customize your interior: KB, backs positioned between base and wall unit for every type of cuisine; CD, adhesive  coating for doors “boring”; HB, wall coverings for reinventing the headboards; RI_DRESS, adhesive for fabric doors “that closet  that we don’t like more” … or just to get one! … CREATIVESPACE … evolving …