Thinking Globally, Acting Locally!

Together We Can Accomplish Anything!”

How can you help?

The World Wide Service Staging Week is dedicated to serving those in need in our communities through the gift and magic of Home Staging. Our goal is to enrich the lives of those in need around us, whether they are individuals, organizations or institutions.

We Stage their spaces including many times painting, bringing in furniture, de-cluttering, cleaning, and literally doing all we can to improve the environment of those in need and to lift people’s spirits as well.

The Project is dependent upon your tax deductible donations and the hard work of local IAHSP Europe Home Stagers. Your donations can come in the form of money, or goods and services, so that we may Stage those that need Home Staging to improve their facility for the good of all who live and dwell there. This includes children’s homes, women’s shelters and a long list of organizations where IAHSP Europe Home Stagers s can make a real difference through Staging.

We thank you for your donations whether large or small for together we can make a real difference and help change in the world.

This year IAHSP Europe helped the Associazione PeterPan Onlus Foundation in Rome, Italy.
Supporting this incredible association and the little superheroes was so rewarding and so special!